As anyone familiar with the "Florida Man" meme knows, Florida is usually not the tropical-arcadian paradise of abundant sunshine it is often made out to be, and more often a bizarro-land where anything is possible. This holds true in the case of the state's rap scene, and in particular the rap scene that has developed in the Miami area -- a topic HNHH special correspondent Patrick Lyons explored in depth in December 2015: 

"It's almost impossible to categorize, or even round up all of the various movements and scenes happening in and around Miami right now. The torches of indie rap, horrorcore, trap, pop, and R&B are all being borne by a motley cast of artists who all seem to synthesize a number of Southern styles while remaining relatively untethered to traditional Florida rap. This sort of creative hub is a rare treat to witness anywhere in America, especially in the South, where Atlanta is often cited as the only rap scene that matters."

A handful of regional and national stars have emerged from the Sunshine State in the course of the past five years, including guys like Denzel Curry, Kodak Black, Robb Banks, XXXTENTACION, and Wifisfuneral. Click through the image gallery to get to know seven more artists who will be joining them shortly.