It's July 11, one of the most underappreciated yet important holidays of the year. 7-Eleven day brings fans of their delicious Slurpees together for eight hours of freebies. The convenience store chain is offering free small Slurpees of any flavor today, from 11 AM to 7 PM. 7-Eleven, a Japanese owned company, is a worldwide chain operating in nearly twenty countries. The company expects to hand out over nine million free Slurpees today across all of those countries. 

After the completion of 7-Eleven Day, members of the 7Rewards loyalty program will get another week of specials. The promotion encourages consumers to sign up for their loyalty program while in stores grabbing their free slushies, so expect the cashier to pitch you on 7Rewards once you get there. The week-long loyalty promotion schedule will offer the following specials:

-Thursday, July 12: Free 7-Select Pure water with purchase of a BODYARMOR sports drink
-Friday, July 13: Free Big Gulp fountain drink with purchase of a share-size Snickers candy bar
-Saturday, July 14: Free 7-Select popcorn with purchase of a 20-ounce Smartwater
-Sunday, July 15: Free single-size Reese’s candy with purchase of a share-size bag of 7-Select Gummies
-Monday, July 16: Free 20-ounce Coca-Cola with purchase of any flavor Cheez-It baked snack crackers
-Tuesday, July 17: Free single-serve bag of 7-Select chips with purchase of any fresh sandwich
-Wednesday, July 18: Free single-serve 7-Select tortilla chips with purchase of any 7-Select nuts