At the start of the month, Kanye West released his previously teased, Charlie Wilson collaborated track, "Brothers," with the release of the season 2 premier of Irv Gotti's iconic BET show, Tales. In case you weren't aware of the anthology show - Gotti uses rap and hip hop lyrics from songs to shape each episode around, creating a powerful mini-movie each time. Ye's moving song, "Brothers," followed an episode centered around.. you guessed it: brothers. The full version of the song was posted via Gotti's Instagram, where he also took the time to adress all the questions that were circulating amidst fans, about just who Ye was rapping about. "LISTEN. AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF IF YOU THINK KANYE IS RAPPING ABOUT JAY Z OR VIRGIL. BOTH YE’S BROTHERS," replied Gotti. The track itself was met with a lot of praise, which was no surprise since you can almost instantly recognize that it has an "old school Kanye sound to it," something many fans were grateful for. It hasn't yet had an official release yet though, meaning fans' only way to the audio, was through an IGTV upload of a clip from the show on Irv’s account but even that was taken down soon after it was out. 

The song saw production from 7 Aurelius, aka Channel 7, who crafted many a hit, during Murder Inc’s prime early-2000s era. Though he's a VERY private person, who has been on and off social media, he took to expressing his frustration about the lack of availability of the song to fans, through his new account. Posting the clip as both an IGTV post, as well as a story, 7 claimed that ‘Brothers’ was being held “captive” by Kanye’s label Def Jam. "The Universe did not give me this song for it to be tied up in some Corporation like Def Jam," penned 7. "This song was written heal relationships, open dialogue and bring people together!!! join me in supporting this song in all of its forms of release. someone needs this out there!!! I know I do"