We were blessed with 6lack's East Atlanta Love Letter two weeks ago and in just 14 days the 26-year-old has taken over the R&B charts with his tape sitting at number one. The 14-track project moved 77,000 units in the week ending September 20th so it's safe to say that number has grown to be more. 

Singles on the tape are even doing wonders with six of the beats holding down a spot on the Hot R&B Charts. Obvious smooth bangers like the Future-assisted title track sits at #1, “Loaded Gun” at #15, “Unfair” #16, “Let Her Go” at #19, the Khalid-featured “Seasons” at #20 and “Sorry” at #21. 

"I was focused on making sure that I did exactly what I felt like I was supposed to do. We went into this album and I knew it was a continuation of the first project," 6lack told Complex about his second studio album. "There's just a little bit more to the story, or a more present update. Other than that, I had realistic expectations going into this album. I’m not a viral sensation or a megastar or anything like that. I just wanted to take care of the music part, and then we would figure out the response later."