Within the past week, there's been several unfortunate incidents with artists. Before the weekend, Rich The Kid was robbed and beat down in a home invasion that left him hospitalized. Yesterday, XXXTENTACION was senselessly killed after leaving a motorsports store. A few hours later, Jimmy Wopo was pronounced dead in a double shooting in Pittsburgh. In a short period of time, two artists were murdered and one was left in a hospital due to violence. 6lack says these incidents are a reminder to artists to keep their guard up at all times.

6lack was recently approached by TMZ while at the airport. 6lack is set to hit the road with Rich The Kid on Chris Brown's "Heartbreak On A Full Moon" tour alongside H.E.R. He explained that those kind of situations are a reminder that you have to stay alert.

"That's the homie so I'mma reach out. You know, see how he been. It's unfortunate. Just like, being an artist, you gotta always watch your back. You can't trust nobody." He said.

6lack further explained that X's death instilled further paranoia in him when it comes to going out by himself.

"It definitely made me think twice about going places by myself. I go everywhere by myself. Gotta be careful, man." He said. "I mean, it's a security thing and it's just, you know, watch the energy you keep around you. You never know who's watchin', you never know who's followin'."

Peep the video below.