As Spillage Village veteran 6lack has been steadily putting out quality music, the Atlanta singer has been building a gargantuan following in the process. Recent findings by none other than Akademiks put him behind Frank Ocean as the second most-streamed r&b singer in the game. And that's with two studio albums to his name -- his debut Free 6lack and his sophomore drop East Atlanta Love Letter. From the sound of it, 6lack is looking to expand his lead even further, taking to Instagram to promise that some new music is indeed on the way.

Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images

"Seems like everybody droppin music except me," he writes, acknowledging that yes, it's been a drought on his end. "Turn on your post notifications. it’s new music season." Of course, it's presumptuous to expect an entire album -- lest we forget that he will be part of the upcoming Spillage Village album SPILLIGION when that drops later this year. Still, the time does feel right for a new collection of 6lack tracks, and his words point to exactly that.

Are you looking forward to a new album from the young singer slash rapper? And if so, do you hope he brings more bars to the mix on this go-around?