It's always nice to see artists use their platforms to help bring awareness to issues that are otherwise ignored in entertainment-based media spaces. While Jaden Smith partners with a Flint church to help provide clean water to the Michigan city, rapper 6LACK has joined forces with the Drop4Drop and Right Water in an effort to supply fresh water to a village in Uganda.

6LACK, real name Ricardo Valdez Valentine, shared details about his collaboration on Instagram with a handful of heartwarming photos of an African community enjoying their new well. "The best part about finding success, is having the ability to do things that seemed so farfetched as a kid," 6BLACK wrote. "It’s crazy to think that somethin as simple as fresh water, is still a problem for millions of people in the world, but it is. clean water means more food, more jobs, and more learning. so with the help of @drop4drop & @drinkrightwater, we found an area in Uganda, in need of fresh water, built a water well for the community, and here are the results 🖤."

"He added, "I appreciate music for changing my life, but i love it even more for being the vehicle to do more in the world. for my people ✊🏾 and for all people. swipe for a smile."