Ever since he first blew up, fans have been struggling to say 6LACK's name. For the most part, it would appear as though the majority of people unfamiliar with his brand -- and even those who have been following him for years -- call him "Six Lack." However, on numerous occasions, 6LACK has stated that it's simply just "Black."

His most recent explanation came on social media and, surprisingly enough, the masses just shook it off and decided that, as a collective, they would continue mispronouncing his name.

"6lack: it's pronounced 'black'. Me:....anyway six lack," writes a now-viral tweet that the artist actually responded to. 

"This tweet is anti-black," said 6LACK in his reply.

This morning, his name was trending on Twitter because of the exchange as fans reacted in awe that they have been saying it wrong for such a long time. Unfortunately for 6LACK, the near-unanimous decision appears to be that they will keep screwing up his name because "Six Lack" is more fun.

"My brain literally can not process 6LACK being Black. So sorry. Six Lack. I really did try," joked one fan.

In other news pertaining to the artist, he announced that he would be delivering a six-pack (see what I did there!) of tracks for his birthday next week. Stay tuned for that.