6lack is quietly having a standout year in the music business and is slowly getting recognized as one of the best young voices the genre has to offer. Now, he's continuing his musical ascent and teaming up with one of the greatest producers of the last quarter-century: Timothy Mosley, better known as Timbaland.

Both of these men have already shared some photos and video from their time spent in the studio together, with Timbaland even commenting that the partnership will be yielding some "hits" for listeners to enjoy. Though Timbo hasn't necessarily had a crossover smash since his days spinning the original Shock Value tunes in the mid-2000's, his midas touch behind the board has helped a great many artists in the hip-hop, rap and R&B genres establish themselves and flesh out their sound to make it more sonically powerful.

The curious thing will be to see how his production style meshes with the vocal niche that 6lack occupies, which slants more to the mellow side of things overall. Tracks of his like "PRBLM" and "Free," while terrific in their own rights, are what you would call something that's in Timbaland's wheelhouse. All that being said, the man behind the music for the TV series Empire has fashion more than a few big records during his time, so the anticipation to see what these two can create should only amp up in the coming weeks.