Tekashi 6ix9ine took the stand last week, ratting on everyone in his camp in what could be perceived as his final troll. Cooperating with the government meant that there would be some sort of leniency in his sentencing and it seems like he could get out as early next 2020. Between the face tattoos and the rainbow hair, it's kinda hard to miss the guy. The hair could be fixed but according to a tattoo removal specialist, it's going to take him a minimum of one year to remove the tattoos from his body.

Complex spoke to Flash Lab Laser Suite founder and owner Kelly Rheel who detailed the process behind tattoo removal surgery. For one, she said the rapper's best choice is to go through with PicoSure laser tattoo removal. It's known to be the most effective method of tattoo removal among experts. There are a few problems that come with this, though. For one, Rheel estimated the process of removing all of the tattoos on his body would cost around $100K - $150K. Secondly, the process is one-year minimum so going into the Witness Protection Program might not even be all that helpful. 

"You're looking at a year-long process, minimum. That's why a witness protection program for this gentleman might be a little tricky, unless he gets a really good concealer. Plenty of dancers and models get really great makeup that covers up their tattoos while they're undergoing removal," Kelly said.

 She continued to explain that things wouldn't be pretty for him during the process of getting the removal, as well.

"It's going to look like he's got the plague," she said. "You look like you're infected. You're red, you're itchy, inflamed, blistered. Lasers are no joke."