There is no arguing that this has been the toughest week in Tekashi 6ix9ine's life. He's been through a lot in his twenty-two years on Earth but this is likely the most he's been up against. The rapper, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, is facing a maximum sentence of life in prison as he currently spends time in prison for racketeering and weapons charges. He was attempting to distance himself from Tr3yway before getting busted and now he and a handful of others remain locked up. A new update has been made available via The Blast as it appears the Brooklyn native's new attorney has somewhat of a convoluted history.

Dawn Florio is joining Tekashi's defense team alongside Lance Lazzaro and it only makes sense, considering her public support of the rapper for months. As a criminal defense lawyer, she has a complicated history as she was once reportedly caught sneaking in contraband for one of her clients according to the publication. The Blast obtained legal documents stating that she passed hundreds of pills to Jose Marrero in 2005 after the man was accused on drug charges. She also allegedly sneaked in bars of soap, deodorant, a rap magazine, and a turkey sandwich. 

Florio was eventually released on $2K bail and the charges against her were dropped. A few weeks ago, she helped get 6ix9ine out of prison when he violated his probation. Hopefully, she can work her magic again here.