When a bridge is burnt to the ground, one can expect a lull in traffic. Tekashi 6ix9ine, once the internet's most blustery troll, is facing the prospect of an imminent release and return to the game. And yet, the times have changed during his brief stint in the clink. For one, the narrative surrounding his name has taken a nosedive, no thanks to his widely publicized decision to testify against his associates. Fans understand that snitching is among hip-hop's major faux pas, especially for a rapper so keen on flaunting his gangland ties. And yet for 6ix9ine, selfish pragmatism emerged victorious over integrity. And for the folks over at Hot 97, actions must indeed have consequences. 

Bob Levey/Getty Images

According to TMZ, Hot 97 will be placing a loose "ban" of sorts on whatever new music Tekashi 6ix9ine lays out. That means you won't likely hear Ebro's thoughts on the Rainbow Wonder's (locally sourced) return on wax, though a gambler could wager his name will remain a hot topic all the same. The sad thing about Tekashi 6ix9ine is that even his haters enjoy speaking power into his brand. It's simply too difficult to avoid weighing in, if only for the buzz discussion tends to spark. 

Despite the "ban" being placed on principle, it would appear there's one possible caveat. Should 6ix9ine somehow conjure a supermassive hit along the lines of "FEFE," resulting in an influx of public demand, the radio station will indeed give the people what they want. Despite the fact that other radio stations will likely continue to follow suit, the efforts to mute the disgraced snitch will quite possibly lead to the adverse effect. You can run, you can hide, but soon enough the rainbow arcs too high to miss.