Snitch though he may be, Tekashi 6ix9ine seemingly can't catch a break. Call it fate or call it karma, but the rainbow wonder appears to have found himself on the receiving end of his worst nightmare: which is to say, a rap-hating judge. Following a report that prosecutors were looking to include 6ix9ine's music videos in his upcoming trialPage Six has confirmed that Judge Paul Engelmayer has allowed the videos to be screened for the jury's benefit. Unfortunately, he seems to be of the mindset that hip-hop is a base form of expression, hardly qualifiable as "art" to begin with.

Apparently, Judge Engelmayer will allow clips from “BILLY,” “GUMMO” and “KOODA” to be screened in court, though he took issue with the prosecution team's request for a surprisingly non-objective reason. Deeming the lyrics to be filled with "rank misogyny," Englemeyer seemed particularly puzzled about how to qualify 6ix9ine's employment title. After the judge reportedly took issue with the term “Rap musician,” 6ix9ine's attorney Deveraux Cannick countered with "rap artist."

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images 

The Judge remained unconvinced, revealing his cards with a peculiar statement. “That raises the age-old issue of ‘what is art?'” Clearly, he's not exactly fond of young 6ix9ine, likely sharing the same philosophy toward many hip-hop entertainers. Page Six also confirms that Englemayer seemed wary of the lyrical components, citing “misogynistic segments that could be unfairly prejudicial, as well as repeated threats to kill the rival rapper’s mother.” Not to mention the "explicit sexuality."

Regardless of how you feel about 6ix9ine, did he ultimately draw the short straw by getting an openly rap-hating judge? And more importantly, is a courtroom Judge not supposed to appear objective? In any case, look for 6ix9ine's impromptu viewing party to lead to several awkward and tense courtroom moments -- next time, on Law And Order...