Tekashi 6ix9ine was once on his way to becoming the hottest artist in the entire world. Last year, anything he touched turned to gold. He had grown a massive fanbase and with his controversial history, you could bank on the fact that he was going to be in every headline. Whether he was being trashed or praised, Tekashi became the undisputed King of New York for a short period before he got arrested on federal racketeering charges. Since his run-in with the law, his fame has diminished by a lot. These days, a small number of people are still talking about 6ix9ine. He's facing a maximum sentence of life in prison and his girlfriend Jade has been sharing updates whenever she can. This week, she posted video footage of a phone call they shared as he remains behind bars, speaking to her man during a live-stream.

During the clip, we never actually got to hear 69's voice because Jade refused to put the call on speakerphone. She said that her commenters were doubting the fact that she was even on the phone, calling her out for capping, but she persisted that she was speaking with her boyfriend. Last week, Jade shared a video of herself heading to see Tekashi in prison, bumping his music on the way. She's clearly still riding hard for him, despite his flawed public perception.