The world of 6ix9ine and his associates is far past it's beginning stages of crumbling. In fact, the first sign of the rapper's plight came around this time last year. Things are no longer the same for the rainbow-haired rapper after documents surfaced revealing that he broke one of the biggest codes of the streets: don't snitch. Nowadays, his name makes headlines whenever a new development happens in his case. According to Page Six, one of the masters behind the puppet has officially been sentenced for his involvement in an altercation at a high-end Manhattan restaurant.

Shotti, the former manager of 6ix9ine, struck a plea deal with the Manhattan Supreme Court for a brawl at Madison Avenue that resulted in a second-degree assault charge. Shotti admitted that he struck a security guard over the head with a chair during a melee at the Manhattan restaurant. A judge sentenced him to time served for the charge.

This is just the beginning for Shotti who has already copped pleas when he pleaded guilty to two firearms charges in connection to an armed robbery in Manhattan and another shooting that occurred in Brooklyn. 

In related news, Shotti's "right-hand man", Faheem "Crippy" Walter, was sentenced to 62 months in prison after he pled guilty to two counts in relation to the same armed robbery that Shotti was involved in last year.