Today, the mist in the winter air is colored by a rainbow-tinted glow. That's because Tekashi 6ix9ine's DUMMY BOY has arrived, "STOOPID!" The young rapper may currently sit behind bars, but at the very least, he can take small comfort in that fact his chart-topping streak will likely continue. A bittersweet victory to be sure, but a win nevertheless. Clearly, fans and haters alike have come out in droves to support the incarcerated rapper, taking to streaming platforms to tune into his latest endeavor. As it happens, Tekashi's DUMMY BOY currently sits at the top of the hip-hop charts, with five songs currently enjoying spots in the Itunes "Top Songs":  "KIKA" (1), "MAMA" (3), "WAKA" (4), & "TIC TOC" (5), & "FEEFA" (10).

The rapper's management took to 6ix9ine's Instagram to share a message, as pictured above. "ENJOY AND SHARE WIT ALL YA DIRTY ASS FRIENDS," encourages the team, before promising an entire collection of hits. As the early goings reveal, such an assessment is indeed correct. Even the generally 6ix9ine-wary HNHH user base seemed to tolerate the project, with many expressing a reluctant sense of enjoyment.  

Regardless of personal opinion, the 6ix9ine brand has reached critical mass. It seems as if he's destined to dominate the charts like a true force of nature. A fascinating saga to be sure; how it will end, however, remains to be seen. Congratulations to 6ix9ine for captivating the masses.