There's a new rapper on the block, and she's coming on strong. Tekashi 6ix9ine's controversial baby mama Sara Molina's name has been in the headlines for a variety of reasons lately, and of course, it's always centered around the incarcerated rapper. She's accused 6ix9ine of violently abusing her in front of their daughter and earlier this year in an interview with VladTV, she shared details of his kidnapping. She's called the rapper a culture vulture, talked openly about his plea deal, and made claims that he has other children.

Last week, Smokepurpp went off on 6ix9ine in an Instagram clip where he declared the imprisoned rapper to be a rat. He also took the opportunity to once again shoot his shot with Molina before declaring that he thinks she looks like a horse, a move that she didn't appreciate. She decided to put her grievances on wax, and in a brief snippet of her new track, Molina states that she flows better than Nicki—we can only assume she is referring to Nicki Minaj. She also says that she raps better than 6ix9ine before she takes a shot at Smokepurpp by saying he "really sound like a b*tch." Smokepurpp responded with jokes, making a video where he plays the clip of her previewing her track, only what you hear is a horse neighing.

The responses were less than favorable as critics came down on Molina with an iron fist, but we can only speculate as to what else will be included in the final product. Does Molina have a rap career ahead of her?