Sometimes, you gotta shoot for the stars. In today's climate, it behooves anyone with even a remote interest in viral stardom to follow one of several choose-your-own-adventure style paths. For starters, an active Instagram account is a must; Twitter serves a similar purpose, though it ultimately lacks the intimacy of a face-to-face platform like IG. Having an association to a budding rap superstar is also a valuable tool in one's arsenal, especially if said rap superstar was a young master of clout to begin with.

In any case, the student appears to have become the master. Sara Molina, known to those 6ix9ine devotees as the Rainbow Wonder's baby mama, has recently been enjoying a newfound turn in the spotlight. Lay the blame at our feet should you so choose, but the public has taken somewhat of an interest in Molina's post-6ix9ine antics, perhaps viewing her as a stand-in for the trollish Tekashi. Now, in keeping with tradition, Molina has decided to stir the pot, albeit it in a jesterly manner.

The social media personality recently claimed dominion over Blueface's "Thotiana" single, claiming she helped make it "pop" after featuring it in her IG feed. For that reason, she feels entitled to a portion of the single's royalties, imploring Wack 100 and the Blue One to do the right thing. Of course, the request is clearly a joke, though it does raise an interesting point about social media's impact. Maybe she has a point, on a base level. Has the age of clout gone too far?