Only two things are certain about 6ix9ine. One, the man has hits for days. Two, the man loves Treyway, shouting it with reckless abandon at any given moment. Today, those two qualities coalesce in Tekashi's latest video update. By now, we've already come to understand that the Nicki Minaj assisted "FEFE" is a runaway hit, with a current view-count of 88 million views on YouTube alone. Clearly, 6ix9ine has kept his hit streak alive, and from the sound of it, he has all the intention of taking this one as far as he can.

The rainbow wonder took to Instagram to provide fans with a bit of a teaser, promising yet another hit. More excited than usual, 6ix9ine bellows "Treyway" evoking memories of DJ Clue, Envy, and Kay Slay DJ tags. "I just fuckin' landed in L.A," he says, "I'm already nine for nine on the Billboard. I got another fuckin' hit! When ya'll hear this shit...ya'll don't even understand, I got another hit! I just don't know how to preview it right now, I don't want people to know. It's TREYWAY!!!"

While hits are appreciated, one has to wonder whether 6ix9ine will ever come through with a full length studio album; DAY69 was a step in that direction, but it would be nice to see if he's able to craft anything close to a well-rounded hip-hop classic. It would be disappointing to see his next project be made up entirely of previously released hits.