We haven't heard much music from Tekashi 6ix9ine since his incarceration with the exception of DUMMY BOY. There have been a few collaborations that surfaced but there hasn't been any word on whether his label has any intention of releasing new music from him while he's away. However, a Danish rapper has filed a lawsuit against 6ix9ine and his label, 10k Projects on claims that they've blocked the release of a collaboration.

According to TMZ, a Danish rapper named Sleiman is going after 6ix9ine after he was prevented from dropping their collaboration. Sleiman claims that he collaborated with Tekashi 6ix9ine on a song called "Red Bandnna [sic]/Black Hoodie." The Danish artist said that he and 6ix9ine worked out a deal where Tekashi would sign over the rights to the song for 88,000 euros -- nearly $100K.

Sleiman said that after the song was recorded, he began to work on the release of the single but unfortunately, 10k Projects intervened. Sleiman claims that 10k Projects told him they have exclusive rights to Tekashi so they would need to sign off on the song before its actually released. Sleiman said that 10K projects threatened him legal action if he did decide to release the track.

Sleiman claims that 10K Project have prevented him from landing a record deal to drop the song as well as leaving him dry of 88,000 euros. He's now requesting that the judge give him the rights to the song as well as the money he paid 6ix9ine for the track.