6ix9ine remains one of the most polarizing and villanized artists in Hip-Hop. He's an artist that never strays away from taking jabs at other rappers, and as his career has progressed post-prison, 6ix9ine has built a strong brand as one of the most disrespectful people in the music industry.

Like the rainbows that regularly adorn his album artwork, there are multiple sides to the TattleTales rapper, and at times, he ditches his contentious antics to show love to fallen artists like XXXTentacion or prove that he's still loyal to people like DJ Akademiks and Nicki Minaj. Even after being branded a snitch by most of the Hip-Hop community, Nicki Minaj has been one of the biggest artists to work with 6ix9ine, so it makes sense for the infamous rapper to do everything in his power to maintain that relationship.

In one of his recent Instagram posts, 6ix9ine does just that. Hitting the 'Gram to promote two upcoming shows that he has over the next two weeks, 6ix9ine snuck a major Nicki Minaj shoutout into the video's caption, writing, "GO STREAM BEAM ME UP SCOTTY @nickiminaj YOU KNOW WE STARTED THIS CROC SHIT MOMMAZ I LOVE YOU 4L."

At the start of the video, 6ix9ine also blasts Nicki's "Crocodile Teeth (Remix)" from his whip while showing off his mismatched iced-out crocs, and in the background, viewers can hear Nicki rapping, "Headline tours, and I bring Fox' out (Fox' out)/If it's a calm flex, then I bring the Crocs out."

True to his character, the Dummy Boy artist also couldn't help but take yet another shot at the recently wounded Lil Reese. Again referencing reports that Lil Reese was shot during an altercation that allegedly arose over a stolen car, 6ix9ine closes out his Instagram caption with a PSA in all-caps, writing, "STOP STEALING CARS."

Check out 6ix9ines recent Instagram video below and let us know if you think that he and Nicki really are responsible for the recent resurgence of Crocs.