6ix9ine is on a trolling spree, stirring up drama with everyone from Young Thug to Jake Paul throughout these past weeks. A recent successful show in Texas had 6ix9ine feeling emboldened as his most recent post seemingly takes a jab at another famous rapper in the music industry.

The “FEFE” rapper shared a video of him performing at Payne Arena on Sunday to a welcoming crowd. Fans screamed every lyric along with Tekashi as he danced around on stage. In the caption for the video, 6ix9ine declared “RAPPERS LIE AND SAY THEY GET 200,000 A SHOW AND BE PERFORMING INFRONT A DEAD CROWD WITH 700 PEOPLE THERE. I DROP 4 SONGS A YEAR AND GET 500,000 DOLLARS A SHOW AND DO ARENAS!!! TELL THESE RAPPERS CATCH THE FUCK UPPPPPPPPP.”


MICHAEL CAMPANELLA/Redferns/Getty Images

Tekashi has been on a road back to the spotlight after dropping his project "TattleTale" in August 2020. He took to his craft to finally express his side of his famous snitching scandal in songs such as “Locked Up Pt.2”

His most recent single, “ZAZA” was released in February, hinting at another full project from the rapper in the next few months. Now that he has been released from the limits of house arrest and COVID-19 precautions, the rapper has his sights set on getting back to performing, leading to this new claim about his high income.

Snitching must really pay off. Do you think 6ix9ine is really pulling in $500k per show?