Tekashi 6ix9ine is aiming to come home far sooner than anyone anticipated but that's the perk that comes with cooperating, I suppose. The rapper is reportedly already working on a new album and getting ready to hit the studio once he's released from prison. One might wonder who would sign ever sign him following his catastrophic year but it appears that there hasn't been any bad blood with him and his former label since his stint behind bars.


According to TMZ, the rapper just penned a multi-million dollar record deal with his former label, 10K Projects. The deal is reportedly worth over $10M and he already has a plan with the budget. He'll be reportedly releasing two albums -- one in English, another in Spanish.

10K Projects already took a risk with 6ix9ine in the past but it appears as though the federal case isn't enough to prove that he's a liability. Despite the widespread concerns of his release, they clearly think that people will listen once he's out. They also seem to be banking on the fact that he will actually get released. The rapper's sentencing was moved up to December from January but it's still uncertain whether he'll actually be sentenced to time served.

The rapper has reportedly already started working on his next album. It'll be hard for him to make an album that's as bad as DUMMY BOY but 6ix9ine is full of surprises, apparently.