Much has been said about Tekashi 6ix9ine since he got locked up last year. His rise to the top was sensational but his subsequent downfall is perhaps even more fascinating. These days, the only time you hear about the rapper is when another one of his associates pleads guilty in the ongoing racketeering case. The Nine Trey Bloods are in big trouble and Tekashi69 has probably dug himself the deepest grave of all. Around Christmas time, Sara Molina, the artist's daughter's mother, spoke out about how he has never been there for his baby girl, preferring to spend money on himself or his new girlfriend Jade. Molina may be planning to change that though because, in a new video posted to social media, she can be seen meeting with a popular lawyer to discuss child support.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

According to RapCurrent, Mohammed Gangat is a lawyer who specializes in overtime lawsuits, helping people who have gotten screwed over by their employers. He may be taking on another case though because he posted a video with none other than Sara Molina, where she expressed an interest in hiring him to get Tekashi to pay up. 

When Gangat asked Molina what type of legal advice she needed, she laughed and said she could use some help getting child support payments on the regular. The clip is definitely a little weird with the lawyer recalling a time he commented on Sara's page, saying she looked "like a snack." That's certainly not the most professional thing to say to your potential clients but hey... I guess it worked.