As Richard Nixon once famously declared "I am not a crook," so too will Tekashi 6ix9ine take a similar position, albeit with snitching being the primary offense. Though it's likely the insidious label will forever haunt him, given the results of his widely publicized RICO case and subsequent release, that hasn't stopped the controversial rapper from doing his best to re-brand. Or, at the very least, attempt to broaden the level of understanding toward his decision, as he did during his first IG-Live post-prison.


Shareif Ziyadat/WireImage/Getty Images

Speaking with TMZ, a typically unapologetic 6ix9ine reflected on his RICO trial, maintaining that he's being unfairly labeled as a snitch. At first, he attempts to gain a standardized definition of a snitch, and upon receiving one from Charles and Harvey, he looks to define loyalty. "If another TMZ staff member kidnaps you, is that loyalty?" counters 6ix9ine. "You're working, if Harvey is stealing all the money you're earning, and gives you crumbs of it, is that loyal to you?"

"How many people did I beef with in 2018?" he asks, wearing his confrontational nature like a badge of honor. "I beefed with the whole west coast, with Houston, I beefed with Chicago. Did I ever get kidnapped by Chicago or Texas or West Coast? I got kidnapped by my own people. What I did wasn't snitching, what I did was smart. I realized God put me there to cut my grass so I can see the snakes in my grass." When Charles asks whether he currently holds any safety concerns, 6ix9ine doesn't appear fazed on the surface -- though it's unlikely he would admit to feeling fearful even if he did.

Check out his the majority of his recent IG Live with TMZ below.