While riding the wave of fame that’s come with the viral success nobody really saw coming, 6IX9INE has easily made himself one of hip-hop’s funniest characters. Everyday is something new from the Brooklyn rapper, and it’s always delightfully unexpected.

Most recently, the young emcee has been making his rounds in Europe on an overseas tour, but that hasn’t kept him from delivering on the hijinks in the meantime. After crafting a whole skit targeted at Juice WRLD when the Chicago artist led a “Fuck 69” chant in England, he was spotted throwing shots at Chief Keef in a performance of his “GUMMO” track.

Soon enough, he was back at it again. While taking a dip in a lake in Zurich, Switzerland, the rapper decided to unload a few bars in a freestyle. With the cameraman calling 6IX9INE the “hottest fucking spitter in the universe,” the rapper goes strictly off the top while accompanied by the guy we all assumed was Michael k. Williams on his DAY69 intro “BILLY.”

“Listen, I get a lot of cash/Your ass is grass/Through the digital dash/ I got three Earths, Mars planet, Jupiter combined/Global warming.” And with that fire freestyle, Tekashi writes in the caption, “2pac would be proud of me .. he died in 96 so like I might be him in the second coming.”

While Pac did die in 1996, Tekashi was already born when he was killed, having celebrated his birthday in May. But, maybe there’s something we’re missing.

But, that’s not all folks. Nearly a day, after he declared himself to be Tupac in the flesh, Tekashi decided that he was converting to the Jehovah’s Witness religion and would soon be deleting his Instagram. His caption indicates that the page would be gone within 5 minutes of the upload. But, at the time of this writing it’s been nearly forty minutes.