With an ongoing "8 for 8" Billboard streak, Tekashi 6ix9ine is indeed raking in the wins, as his ever-growing column can attest. As such, it's no wonder the enemies have come crawling out of the woodwork. The latest to join the ranks is one Juice WRLD, who led a spirited chant of "Fuck 6ix9ine" during a recent London set. To be fair, the timing of the strike is questionable, given 6ix9ine's recent withdrawal from all-things beef; is it really courageous to diss a target who won't respond? Perhaps Juice WRLD was hoping to awaken something within Tekashi's primal nature. 

Evidently, Tekashi didn't exactly take the bait. The rainbow haired phenom took to Instagram to issue his response, which featured a refined mix of pettiness only the likes of 6ix9ine can truly muster. The quiet tour of a lavish mansion is a statement unto itself. Though his message begins with an attempt to sue for peace, it doesn't take long before the passive-aggressive begins to seep through. "Every show be sold out," says Tekashi. "I do not be doing 200 capacity rooms like you do, so please just have fun. Get your name. Do not diss me for some clout."

He does seem at least somewhat self-aware, admitting that his penchant for beef has pulled him into a few unsavory narratives. "Go find the shadows in your room," laughs Tekashi. "You do not want to beef with me. I will find the girl that broke your heart, and instead of finding shadows in my room, I will have her pussy juice all over my shit, and I will post that shit. So please just have fun. Positive vibes."

Peep the full message below.