Looks like Tekashi 6ix9ine will have to look elsewhere for his nightly dose of nude women. It would appear that the controversial rainbow wonder has been hit with the elusive lifetime ban from the strip club Ace Of Diamonds. It would appear that his presence has been dubbed too risky. As a result, the Club's IG page hit him with a passive aggressive farewell. "Please don’t come again #Tekashi69. Thank You for spending your money with us."

While there are no doubt myriad ways one can find themselves barred from a strip club, it's not exactly clear what led to Tekashi being hit with the ban hammer. Footage from a few nights ago captures the rapper posted up with his entourage, when a female friend gets pelted with a renegade glass. The projectile clearly sparked a kerfuffle of sorts, with words no doubt being exchanged accordingly. Luckily, the only wounds to come of out of this were of the pride variety. As those prone to barefoot wandering can attest, errant shards of glass can indeed prove hazardous.

It's a little suspect that the club made such a public showing of Tekashi's ban, especially given the original footage. Yet in these dark times, you can never tell what is done in the name of notoriety. One has to wonder if the original glass tosser was hit with the same punishment.