After what may have been the most dramatic sentencing process in recent memory, thanks to the stalwart presence of Inner City Press' Twitter updates, we finally have a verdict. After a long and drawn-out saga that played out in a roller-coaster-esque fashion, complete with plenty of suspense, Judge Englemeyer revealed that 6ix9ine will be serving a sentence of two years, including time served. In short, he'll be out in 2020, left with 300 hours of community service and a fine of $35,000. 

The real-time nature of the hearing was enough to draw Akademiks back onto his Twitch grind, culminating in a thoroughly entertaining bout of live commentary. Let's be honest, you can already wager that many of hip-hop's prominent names were watching this one carefully, loathe they may be to admit it. Not to mention his loyal fans, who have come to grow quite fond of the strange young man.

Yet not everyone has been on board with the way things have played out, especially given Tekashi's role in selling out the gang that helped solidify his fame and image. Suffice it to say, the early responses from those tuning in have been mixed. Especially given the harsh sentence imposed on Bobby Shmurda, a parallel that did not go unnoticed. Where do you stand?

And of course, some love for Judge Engelmeyer, who played a pivotal role in shaping today's dramatic events.