Though he may tell you otherwise, the notorious Tekashi 6ix9ine has recently been hit with a few major roadblocks. Primarily, the rainbow-haired rapper recently found himself arrested for allegedly choking a teenager in Texas, an event that went down back in January. Little did we know that the incident would have potentially lasting consequences for the self-dubbed "king of New York." Either way, it's for his team to settle right now, lawyers and all; lord knows he's been putting them to work. 

In the mean time, the Tekashi brand continues to tow the line between hard-hitting music and endearing silliness. Today, Real1, aka former WWE wrestler Enzo Amore, shared a video skit in which he crosses paths with 6ix9ine. During the clip, Tekashi can be heard reciting some of his bars, spitting the "Tati" lyrics "like a Smackdown, rock bottom I'ma pin her down" while passing by a smoke-seeking Amore. It would appear the mention of such an iconic move was enough to set Amore off, prompting him to hit 6ix9ine with the legendary Stone Cold Stunner. 

After the rapper takes the attack, Treway goons pop up outta nowhere, borrowing 50 Cent's now iconic catchphrase, "get the strap." Peep the clip below; it's but another case of Tekashi dabbling in skit-based comedy