He may like to yell a lot, but that doesn't mean Tekashi 6ix9ine doesn't have a soul. Though he can troll with ruthless efficacy, it would appear the young rainbow haired rapper has been maturing of late. The "Tati" rapper is currently in Europe, performing a slew of overseas dates, provided he's actually legally allowed to enter the country. Unfortunately for both 6ix9ine and his fans, such was not the case in the United Kingdom. Evidently, 6ix9ine found himself detained at the border, and subsequently prohibited from entering the UK. It would appear that his recent experience led him to an epiphany of sorts, seeming to awaken his philanthropic side. 

Reporting from the streets of Belgium, 6ix9ine opens up on his mind state. "I was watching CNN trying to catch up to what's going on in the fuckin world," he says. "I seen a lot of Mexican families are being separated, kids being taken away from their moms, their dads. Some all around sick shit. Two days ago, I was in London, and immigration took me away for a couple of hours. I almost started crying, cause I didn't know no one in the country. Imagine being taken away for a fuckin' month." 

The video cuts off as he stops to take a picture with a fan, but his caption elaborates on his unfinished point. "Going to Mexico after this tour," he promises. "Time to get it together." Perhaps we're looking at a changed man indeed. Peep Tekashi's wisdom below.