At first, he was just joking about wanting to play on the Mexican national team during the World Cup. However, now that he's started to think about it, he may legitimately have something to contribute. While his skills on the pitch are considerably subpar based on his free kick attempt, 6ix9ine may actually have some decent skills as a goalkeeper. When he said he was "fly like Aladdin" on "TATI," we thought that maybe he was speaking about his swag or his style but it actually turns out he was describing his soccer skills.

Yesterday, Tekashi said that Mexico would not have lost had he been on the field. Although it seemed to be a bold statement, 69 is backing up his words during his European tour, showing off some of the skills he learned as a kid playing soccer. Unfortunately, he was not decked out in a full-on soccer kit but his skills are still impressively on point. He likely has no future as a forward due to his atrocious aim when kicking the ball but when he got in nets, he showed he can successfully block your shot. A line-up of kids took turns shooting against 6ix9ine and he managed to block every one of them (that he included in the video, at least.)

He may not be World Cup level yet but Tekashi in nets wouldn't be a bad thing for your local intercity soccer squad. Aside from his multiple "69" tattoos that would undoubtedly disappoint the middle-aged mothers in attendance, homie's got skills as a keeper.