6ix9ine is not about to let the idea of prison time stop him from talking his shit. Despite unruly Instagram antics being potentially costly in his ongoing trial, 6ix9ine continues to keep a hardlined stance. In fact, one has to wonder if the man is truly capable of slowing his roll. Likely not, for 6ix9ine has once again set his sights on rivals YG and Chief Keef, and he's not exactly bearing the olive branch. In fact, he has only seemed to grow in arrogance. 

"Ya'll believe these rappers like you watch movies," says 6ix9ine, in a PSA to his fans. "In real life, these rappers are fucking pussy! Don't let it distract you. Remember every time I beef with a n***a, no matter if its YG, no matter if it's Sosa, they like 'you got beef with the wrong n***a now, yo bro, you just signed a death warrant.'" 6ix9ine is clearly tired of the naysayers. "These n**** are PUSSY!" he says, elongating the final sentence with the flourish of a booze-addled thespian. 

He proceeds to explain that his enemies tend to "play video games all day," while ultimately staying silent whenever he issues some fighting words. "Why is it taking one week, two weeks, three weeks, one month to do something?" he ponders. We have to wonder what he's trying to prove at this point, especially considering it merely serves as further ammunition for prosecutors. Perhaps, in a not to distant future, we'll live in a world where 6ix9ine allows his talents to speak for themselves. Until then, at least we can say he's consistent.