For a second, it appeared as though 6ix9ine had just been exposed for having fake facial tattoos. Knowing Tekashi's antics, however, it was clear that he wouldn't let the internet test his gangster like that though. Angry about Hot 97 failing to invite him to their yearly celebration of New York music, Summer Jam, 6ix9ine took to Instagram to let his voice be heard, slamming the radio station for not showcasing the "King of New York." Having taken over Brooklyn in the last six months, Tekashi used social media to achieve the heights he has, pissing off enough people to build major publicity for his music. Since Hot 97 opted not to invite 6ix9ine, the rapper hit up his friend DJ Akademiks to vent on FaceTime.

The call was live-streamed as usual since Ak and Tekashi seem to share every little aspect of their lives with their fans. However, 6ix9ine is curiously missing the face tattoos he has become notorious for. Visibly upset about being refused entry into Summer Jam, Tek almost forgot to mention why he didn't have a million variations of the number 69 inked on his face. When Akademiks asked him near the 5:30 mark of the video below, he revealed that he had covered them up with make-up to make himself less recognizable in case of a potential arrest. Lifting up his hat to show half of the "69" on his forehead, 6ix9ine seems to have a good enough grasp of using make-up to cover up his tattoos.

First the rainbow hair. Now we find out he is proficient with make-up. Is Tekashi secretly a beauty vlogger in disguise as one of the hottest rappers in the country?