Plenty have emerged from the woodwork in an attempt to administer L's to the notorious 6ix9ine. To the dismay of many, the young rapper seems to feed off their attempts. In fact, legend has it every time he gets called out, his hair exudes a mild phosphorescent glow. Some fear the rainbow will one day grow so bright, the world will be blinded in unison. Pray that day never comes. 

In the mean time, he accepts all challengers with open arms. Days after a jeweler openly put him on blast over an unpaid bracelet, Tekashi uploaded his response to IG, chalking it up as another personal victory. Behold his victorious cry. "I DONT TAKE NO L’S‼️‼️‼️‼️ I WON EVERY BEEF THAT MY NAME HAS BEEN IN ‼️‼️‼️" writes Tekashi, growing more brazen with every passing day. "LOL STOP PLAYING WIT ME. ON TO HOUSTON what they talkin bout⁉️⁉️ CLOUT CHASING AT ITS FINEST." 

For some context, Tekashi can be seen FaceTiming the owner of Trax NYC, who made the initial claims against 6ix9ine's name. Clearly flustered, the jeweler can be seen attempting to rationalize his logic, only to be completely clowned on by a self-proclaimed clown. "You know you look like a clown, cause everybody's clowning you," reiterates 6ix9ne. The jeweler seems unfazed, opting for an "I'm rubber your glue" esque retort. Tekashi cares little. "I know I look like a clown," he admits, "that's the purpose. But you're a jeweler."

Peep the entire exchange below.