The mind of 6ix9ine is a curious place, not unlike the more hallucinogenic segments of Alice's Wonderland excursion. At times, he's prone to channel the Queen of Hearts with his impulsive nature, firing off wanton threats at anyone who so much as think his name. At other times, he's more in line with the White Rabbit, as he never stops running, seeming to value his speed as a point of pride. Sometimes, he's merely Alice, navigating the game at his own pace, while those around him examine him with curiosity and occasional disrespect. In any event, his Instagram feed is reflective of his multi-facted personality. Yet today, he has truly outdone himself in peculiarity. 

Upon being compared to Chris Brown during his recent European adventure, Tekashi seems to have seized the notion, doubling down on the sentiment. Taking to Instagram, 6ix9ine essentially played the Hansel to Breezy's Zoolander, challenging the notorious singer to a battle better suited for the catwalk. Posing the question "Who Looks Better" alongside a crude side-by-side image of both himself and Breezy, 6ix9ine went the extra mile in tagging The Shade Room for his troubles.

True, 6ix9ine may have underestimated the sheer dedication of Chris Brown Stans, who have been known to occasionally wax poetic about his "shiver-inducing range." Yet it appears he's not above stacking the odds in his favor. "Like for 6ix9ine, comment for Chris Brown," he captions. The only catch is, he has disabled all comments. 

It would appear that 6ix9ine's competitive spirit is not only reserved for looks. He also decided to challenge Nicki Minaj to a race, once again reiterating his desire to be the game's most fleet of foot. This time, he opened the floor for a fairer discourse, though the jury remains out.

Edit: The post has since been removed.