Never one to miss an opportunity to have a quick laugh on social media, Tekashi 6ix9ine is back to his old tricks. The colorful-haired rapper took a break from Instagram earlier this year after experiencing further difficulties in a criminal case but, ever since coming back, he has engaged in more beefs than we can count, keeping his fans constantly entertained. His tactics may be questionable to some but they have worked for him, building his brand to a certain level where he can call himself the "King of New York" without sounding like a complete joke. Yesterday, 6ix9ine reacted to his own beef with Chief Keef and, since he is basically fighting with the entire city of Chicago, he decided to take things one step further with his foolishness.

In the past, rival gangsters have attempted to ban him from their cities and, while he got into a minor scuffle at LAX earlier this year, their attempts have been mostly flawed. Tekashi decided to take matters into his own hands, helping out the city of Chicago by banning his own music in the city. This sort of joke may not go over well with the rappers he is currently feuding with as it only serves as another method to get under their skin. Stepping up to somebody blasting his new track "TATI" on his car stereo, Tek proceeds to instruct him to turn off the music, saying, "Ay folk, cut that shit out folk. We don't play that shit over here in Chicago." Pushing even further, the artist told the driver, "That 6ix9ine shit, cut that shit off," which the man confusedly obliged with.

Acting as the biggest pest in the music industry has to be a difficult task to keep up but 6ix9ine is doing so on a daily basis. Check out his latest prank below.