When 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj reached #1 with their new single "TROLLZ," 6ix9ine was pretty excited. He want on a social media tear, proclaiming himself unstoppable and targeting anyone who would dare to speak against him. He had several doubters though, including Apple Music & Hot 97's Ebro, who seemed to cast doubt on his purported #1 when he shared the most-streamed records over at Apple Music, with no 6ix9ine to be found.

Nonetheless, Billboard did give him the #1. It hasn't lasted very long though, and it turns out the fall from #1 has been quite steep. The ever-reliable source, Chart Data, declared this afternoon that "TROLLZ" drop-off from its former #1 spot has marked the biggest fall in Hot 100 history. Nevertheless, looking on the bright side, one astute Nicki Minaj fan declared this "another record. Period," which puts quite the positive spin on this, and it's the type of attitude we should all aspire to.

As you can see in the tweets from Chart Data below, the "TROLLZ" record reportedly made a drop from the #1 position, which it claimed for a two-week period, to the #34 position, marking a 33-spot plummet.

No word yet from 6ix9ine on this, but we're sure he'll be sounding off sooner rather than later, so stay tuned. In the meantime, he shared updates on his album and house arrest here.