The meteoric rise of Tekashi 6ix9ine launched a young artist's popularity into the stratosphere, but his trolling ways were both helpful and hurtful. In the span of just two years, 6ix9ine went from a busboy and dishwasher to global recognition as a rap artist. During his climb, 6ix9ine gained notoriety due to his highly-publicized arguments with his fellow rappers, but it wasn't until he became a turncoat against his Nine Trey Gang affiliates that he was branded a snitch for cooperating with the federal government. 

During his incarceration, 6ix9ine shared with Fox 5 New York that he contemplated taking his own life, especially with the pressure he felt from a critical global audience. “I think people would have attempted suicide. At a point in jail I thought about it," 6ix9ine said. "It’s so much stress, so much pressure because you’re seeing yourself on the news every day, this that and a third, when is this going to come to an end?”

The rapper said he decided to persevere and at this time in his life, he's more mentally capable of handling his stressors than any other. “Mentally, God has built me so strong. You know that saying, ‘What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger?' So basically I feel like I’m, not invincible, but I feel like I’m at the peak of my mental state, where I’m like, ‘I’ll be fine,’” 6ix9ine said. Watch his interview below.