600 Breezy invited the 6 God to celebrate his 26th birthday with him yesterday. The Chicago rapper uploaded an Instagram video of himself and Drake enjoying some birthday beverages. "Ovo 6 shit... 6 to the world," Breezy captioned the post. "Last night was a movie." 

Drake and Breezy go back at least a couple of years now. His rapport with the drill representative received renewed attention about a week ago, as Breezy involved himself in the controversy surrounding Drake and young Florida rapper XXXTENTACION, who thinks the OVO boss jacked his flow on the More Life track "KMT." 

Breezy, a notorious street presence in Chiraq, warned XXX that he would soon be allowed to travel outside of Illinois, where he's currently confined due to his probation. Breezy had also hinted that Drake gave him permission to effectively "pull up" on XXX. In a social media recording, he explained, "Any time I ask my homie, 'Can I get on somebody ass?' he always say, 'No.' ... and this time, he just gave me a shrug, like, 'It's whatever 'cause he tweakin'.'" 

XXX didn't take kindly to the warning shots. The 19-year-old "Look At Me!" rapper clapped back by telling Breezy, "Listen bro, I got a couple n*ggas that will knock you off in your own city." 

Perhaps Breezy's Instagram pic with Drake suggests that his travel ban has been lifted, as Drake was at Coachella that same night -- as a surprise guest during Future's show. Though it's possible he flew to Chicago after the concert. If young X does want to continue taking shots at the Canadian overlord -- and it indeed seems like he does -- he might have to get past some serious Chicago muscle.