Last week we were blessed with the magic that is the artwork for Nicki Minaj's track "Anaconda".  The artwork features Nicki in workout clothes (if a G-string is what you typically work out in, that is), J's and a whole lot of booty. Instantly we saw responses of praise and hate, but most noticeable was a collection of memes which took over Instagram for an entire weekend. We already saw two lists result from "Anaconda", one being Nicki's Best Booty Moments and one of Nicki photoshopped into famous paintings, but we had to bring it back one last time for the memes.

This may be one of the reasons Nicki decided to push the drop date of the track until next Monday. Maybe she wants to see how creative people can get with her art, after all she has been commenting on them and reposting them on her own Instagram

Here's a list of the Top 60 memes and artwork we found on Instagram over the weekend.