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It's been a month since our last round-up, and following our staff's music meeting last week, we have a fresh batch of artists you should hear. These are artists that have not yet found major platforms for success, or perhaps they are just starting out their careers. A complete breakdown of how this monthly process works is below, however in brief, we look to both our readers for fan/user submitted-songs as well as our staff writers for their own A&R'ing skills, in an effort to highlight six artists that have not yet been featured on HNHH before, or perhaps, have only been featured a handful of times and deserve a bigger spotlight. 

This week we have another really strong group of artists to showcase-- incidentally/coincidentally, two hail from the same collective, FIOM, in NASAAN and TruthTheBull. We also have two Detroit natives on the list, one of them being Fatt Father, who is in fact not a new artist but an underground OG. We also have an ATLien on the rise, Pote Baby, with a sound that's already hot, and two other user-submitted songs in Oranj Goodman, with something a bit wavy/trip-hip-hop-ish, and Knot Gulty for a bit of grounded-eccentricity. Check out their details and music below, and head to the very end to cast your vote on your favorite artist from the list. We'd love to hear what you think in the comments as well.

The Guidelines

  • Each HNHH staff writer attending the meeting submits a song/artist of their personal choosing.
  • We also open up submissions to our readers/followers; this means you will see a Tweet or Instagram post go up stating that we are actively looking for new submissions, ahead of our scheduled Music Meeting. Follow us on Twitter and IG to never miss these.
  • We cull the best of the listener-submitted music to bring to the Music Meeting.
  • We listen to all the listener submissions and staff submission as a team.
  • We vote on our favorite songs, resulting in the final list you will see below.
  • Then we bring the vote to the masses: keep scrolling to vote on your favorite from the list below.

How to Submit Music 

  • Previously, we've only accepted submissions through Soundcloud messaging. We now have an official e-mail:, to help maintain submissions from everyone/anyone on a rolling basis. This means, you will not be relegated to the 'Open Submissions' message, but can simply e-mail us your music directly, at any time, should you wish.
  • Nonetheless, we do alert you to 'Open Submissions' when we are approaching a meeting - thus, follow us on IG and Twitter and look out for these posts as well.
  • Submissions are meant for new or rising artists, however the recency of the song is flexible.
  • When e-mailing a submission, the subject line should read Music Submission: [Artist Name] + [Song Name]. Please include in the e-mail: artist name, song name, social media links, link to stream song (video or audio) and any additional facts or things you'd want us to know.



Song: "Be Cool"

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Sounds: Cool kid rap, trap-lite style, with Carti-esque ad-libs and a J.I.D.-esque flow

Discover more music: Check out his YouTube channel for more

Posted before: No

Pote Baby

Song: "In the Kitchen"

Location: Savannah, Georgia 

Sounds: The new South

Discover more music: Check out his Soundcloud page and his Spotify page

Posted before: Yes, a handful of times.


Song: "B.I.G."

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Sounds: A feel good banger

Discover more music: Check out his Spotify for more

Posted before: No

Fun Fact: TruthTheBull & NASAAN are part of the same collective, called 'FIOM,' however our two writers who submitted their music respectively, did it independently/without knowledge of the other's submission! So shout out FIOM.


Oranj Goodman

Song: "LSD.Wav//Scream Out Loud"

Location: Seattle, Washington

Sounds: Experimental/alt, a bit cloud-rap, a bit melodic

Discover more music: Check out his Spotify page for more

Posted before: No

Fatt Father

Song: "In All Fairness"

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Sounds: Classic in sound, soulful and smooth

Discover more music: Check out his Bandcamp page for more

Posted before: No

Knot Gulty (also known as S.K.I.D.)

Song: "Silky Johnson"

Location: York County, Pennsylvania 

Sounds: Vintage take with a smooth flow  

Discover more music: Check out his Spotify page or his website for more

Posted before: No