Jay Rock’s highly anticipated sophomore effort 90059 is finally upon us and it’s a great listen that is equal parts trippy and trappy. The unique production value takes aim at combining the high points of other 2015 standouts like Sremm Life and AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP. Its sound ranges from acidic beats that weeble and wobble (but don’t fall down), as found on tracks like “Easy Bake” to spine tickling snare smacking like “The Ways.”

And while the new release from the California native provides some household names dropping fire bars with the likes Busta Rhymes and Kendrick Lamar rapping their way into featured roles on 90059, his production team features a plethora of fresh faces. It should come as no surprise, though, considering Rock’s initial plans for his sophomore album-- telling HipHopDX in 2012, "Basically, I've been working with my same producers, nahmean? In-house. I've been working with upcoming producers, too, just trying to come with a whole new sound… I'm basically just re-building, that's all I'm doing, coming with something new."

Since it’s not proper etiquette to withhold credit where it is due - despite the 90059 liner notes providing the literal credit - we’d like to serve up the spotlight to some of 90059’s standout producers.

Click along while we let the beats drop.