Shady Records capo Eminem once accused Benzino of being a “Bully,” but little did he know that a true bully was lying dormant within his inner circle. Years later, 50 Cent’s final form has been awakened. Having forsaken the booth in favor of Instagram as his pulpit of choice, Fif’s pent-up aggression and propensity for milking a grudge have benefitted from the rise of “meme culture.” Forget a mic, put MS Paint in his possession. The man will make do accordingly.

It’s terrifying to imagine what chaos might have reigned had 50’s penchant for memes prevailed throughout his iconic feuds. Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Rick Ross (though “Officer Ricky” certainly set the foundation for his digital age modus operandi), and The Game may very well have found themselves reinvented through 50’s mischevious handiwork. A twisted visionary, 50’s perceived lack of moral scruples have come at a cost; the man can’t even pay homage to the dead without receiving backlash.

And yet, this series has come to be a recurring staple for one simple reason: the fans keep coming back for more of 50’s debauchery. Love him or hate him, the Power mogul has done well in prowling the Instagram back alleys, looking for marks on whom to feast.


Graham Denholm/Getty Images

“The Honeypot”

By this point, people should come to terms to one simple truth. The Beyhive can feel as volatile and perilous as an honest-to-god beehive. By that logic, planting an unsolicited smooch on Beyonce’s mouth is akin to kissing an actual beehive. Let alone questions of personal space, boundaries, and the watchful eyes of a nearby Jigga-Man, Power star Omari Hardwick’s kiss-seen-round-the-world left the internet quite literally abuzz. Of course, it is within a state of chaos where 50 Cent truly revels, Petyr Baelish-esque. He wasted little time in making light of the situation, going so far as to reimagine Jay-Z as a key Power player.

“Ass, Meet Art”

Every so often, one blunders in a damn-near unforgivable fashion. Though be it a drunken mistake, or the destruction of a priceless “Egyptian” artifact, time remains linear all the same.  50 Cent learned a hard lesson upon holding a gathering of the legal eagles, in full view of his favored Pharoah piece. Sadly, one of the lawyers failed to look both ways, and somehow managed to send the piece careening to the floor. One can only imagine the expressions that must have ensued. “One of my fat ass Lawyers knocked over my favorite piece of art,” wrote 50, taking to IG to commemorate the piece’s once-flawless integrity. “This shit was hand made in a federal penitentiary.”

“Hello, Old Friend”

Ah, the contentious relationship between 50 Cent and Wendy Williams. Some deem it the gift that keeps on giving. Others feel that 50 has gone too far in kicking a woman while she’s down. While such moral quandaries are worth exploring, the focus here remains on what we have. Public difficulties aside, 50 has continued his assault on Williams, deeming her a "crack-head" and a “booty-licker” in two separate breaths. Given the onslaught of Williams-centric revelations, it feels like 50 is playing a video game with an unlimited ammunition cheat toggled. Can the G-Unit rapper cross a line where Wendy is concerned?

“The Floyd Signal”

50 Cent made sure to make time for Tiarra Mari, in the name of playing Mr. Bill collector. Borrowing traditions from the Wild West of yore, 50 opted to bring back the “wanted poster” as a means of setting sights on his quarry. Though Mari is currently on the hook for thirty racks, she’s been proving an elusive target for the G-Unit, often appearing to hold unwavering control. In any case, Fif offered up a petty suggestion in the name of seeking a “resolution,” should that be the result he favors. “Call Floyd,” offers 50, evoking the name of another tried-and-true sparring partner. “Then he will help you.” Little did he know, Mari was not about to take the slight lying down, taking to her own IG page to slap 50 with the unsavory label of “Mayweather’s Belt Boy.”