50 Cent can officially add himself to the "nice" list after he found the weirdest-looking Santa Claus in his city and he didn't take any digs at him. Instead, Fiddy was fully focused on his son Sire and how much he loves spending time with him.

Yesterday, many of our favorite celebrities shared photos from their own Christmas celebrations as they spent time with their loved ones and handed out extravagant gifts. 50 Cent is somebody that regularly shares what he's up to. It's not difficult to figure out how he spends his time. Many of his free moments are occupied with meme-searching and trolling on social media. Somehow, Fif managed to stay calm while posting this photo of his son with Santa Claus. 

We're not entirely sure how 50 didn't take at least a minor jab at Santa for looking so crazy-eyed. Regardless of that fact, Curtis shared a nice portrait of his son Sire with his friend Max and Santa Claus. He wrote that the kids enjoyed breakfast before having their photo taken, noting that they're "growing up different." 

While we're sure 50 Cent spoiled his son rotten for the holidays, he also bought himself some new toys. Specifically, Fiddy spent hours at a dealership choosing the perfect additions to his car collection. He settled on a Lamborghini and a Rolls-Royce but he's already eyeing a new Ferrari.