The film project that 50 Cent has been hyping for what seems like forever now, Den of Thieves, is finally reaching theaters this week. The rapper has been touting it as an action-packed extravaganza that won't disappoint and, in that same vein, his choice of red carpet accompaniment at the film's premiere this week wasn't a let-down either.

As per the photos that the rapper shared on his Instagram profile, Fif took his son Sire to the Thieves red carpet and walked it with him. The youngster's first experience stopping and posing in front of all those cameras was one he'll never forget, as his naturally photogenic look and demeanor were on full display to all those in attendance.

Dressed to the nines, just like his dad, Sire was staking his claim as the coolest kid around while having his moment on the red carpet. As Fif comments in one of the photo's caption, "they love you," referring to the photographers who were present, many of whom couldn't get enough of the emcee's young son. Of course, it's too early to tell if Sire will indeed follow through with a career in show business, but with this first step towards stardom, that path looks more likely now than ever before.

Den of Thieves, which looks to be part caper-driven genre flick and part Training Day homage, will be touching down in many multiplexes this weekend. Check out the trailer below and let us know if you're going to go and check it out.