This past week 50 Cent has been treating himself to some lavish Christmas gifts in the form of some brand new luxury cars. The rapper took to the gram to show off his all white Rolls Royce and a yellow Lamborghini. A couple of days ago he even promised his fans that he would be adding a Ferrari to his collection. Turns out Fif is making good on that claim.

Fiddy took to Instagram showing off his all-red Ferrari that has a retractable roof. In the video, you can hear the rapper asking the salesman what day of the week it is. He then says that the new vehicle will be his "Wednesday Car" and that if you ever see him in it, you'll know exactly what day of the week it is.

Of course, in true form, 50 Cent made sure he made his post petty by shading Floyd Mayweather saying "oh shit how you spell we’dsday again fuck you Champ."

Check out some of the Instagram posts below to see some of the other cars 50 purchased recently.

Which car is your favorite?