News of Chaz "Slim" Williams' passing has begun making the rounds on social media, in spite of his family's reluctance to confirm it as such. The esteemed founder of Black Hand Entertainment was a notorious figure in the New York streets, who managed 50 Cent in the early stage of his career. Much of Williams' reputation was founded on the type of insider trading that doesn't leave much a paper trail at all. Oldish heads are likely to recall the infamous line in which 50 Cent laments losing "Slim" to an act of betrayal, in the memorable 2nd verse of "Many Men" off his classic debut Get Rich Or Die Tryin.

Chaz "Slim" Williams was also instrumental in furthering the career of a younger Foxy Brown, while Black Hand Entertainment was still in operation. A native of Jamaica Queens, NY, Williams once laid claim to a total of 60 bank robberies, figures he shared with DJ Vlad over the course of a sit-down interview in 2016. Williams was noted for keeping tabs on public figures such as Jay-Z and Tupac Shakur whilst maintaining a strong presence in the NY underground - none of which compares the work he'd done for his community, as reflected by the emotional outpouring on Twitter right about now. RIP.