50 Cent has been on a tear lately, first going on a lengthy trolling spree against Harlem rapper, Jim Jones, making fun of his workout regiment and trying to emasculate him on Instagram. This has led to a back and forth between the two, with Jones getting ready to throw hands with 50. Caught in the cross-fire of this beef was Dipset affiliate, Hell Rell. 

A video of Rell getting jumped in a restaurant went viral back in February, and 50 must have just noticed it recently, as he reposted stills of the video to his Instagram, saying, "👀oh hell no, l been missing all of this LOL 🤨😡get the strap." It seems as though Hell Rell became aware of the post, and he's taken 50's advice. 

In an Instagram Live stream, Rell offers his response to the post. He claims that he was working in the studio when all of a sudden people started texting him, and he saw that 50 was telling him to "get the strap." He then returns to the video with a decently sized firearm in his hands, and points it right at the camera, saying that he went and got the strap.

"I'm on the edge," says Rell. "I most my motherfucking mother, I lost my daddy, I lost my grandmother, I'm on the edge man."

He finishes with a final, "Don't push me."

It seems as though 50's trolling may have made him a dangerous enemy, or maybe everyone is just playing it up for the gram. Check out the video of Hell Rell below.