Last week, Daphne Joy hit Miami Beach with her son Sire Jackson, who she shares with 50 Cent. Fiddy doesn't often speak about the mother of his youngest son but that's probably a good thing. Everybody that does get some shine on his social page can generally be considered an enemy. Considering Fif's relationship with his other baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins, Daphne should be thanking her lucky stars that she doesn't owe her ex-boyfriend any money. There has been an increased interest in her social activity since her beach trip with Sire, with many remembering just how much of a bombshell she actually is. She's taken advantage of the new attention by pushing out a steady flow of bikini photos, never leaving her over one million fans thirsty for more.

Without much of a warning, Daphne Joy re-emerged on Instagram with a series of extra photos from her trip to the ocean. She complimented them with further summery shots of herself in a flowy dress, taking another stroll by the water. At this point, her fanbase just continues to grow as men and women peep her page for fashion inspiration and general thirst trapping.

The joys of living by the beach. Did she earn a follow from you yet?